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Who we are

  • Welcome to XelacoVendors, a Greek Cypriot family business dating back to 1984. Founded by Mr. Lakis Demetriou, our journey began with a fervent desire to elevate the coffee industry through passion and vision. Now, currently in the capable hands of the third generation, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering gourmet coffee. At XelacoVendors, we embrace cutting-edge technology in automated and professional coffee equipment for offices, cafes, bars and hotels, all while providing exceptional customer service. We believe in blending tradition with innovation to bring you a truly enriching coffee experience. Explore the legacy, the passion, and the commitment that define XelacoVendors – where every sip is a journey through our family’s dedication to excellence.

Our Partners & Love for Coffee

“Crafting an outstanding espresso is a collaborative journey that begins with partnering alongside top-notch coffee roasters. At the heart of this collaboration is the transformation of the finest blends into an art form, a process characterized by passion and meticulous care. Our commitment extends to fostering enduring relationships with coffee plantations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality green beans.

In our pursuit of excellence, the journey starts at the source – the coffee seeds are handpicked under optimal working conditions. For us, Coffee is not just a break, it’s a sip of inspiration in every cup. it embodies the pleasure of exploring distinctive blend flavours. We are dedicated to curating exclusive coffee-tasting moments, showcased in the most exceptional cafes and bars.

Elevating coffee beyond a simple beverage is an art, involving the careful selection of the finest Arabica varieties from reputable coffee plantations, the crafting of exceptional blends, skilful roasting, and the precise extraction that results in a beautifully made espresso. At Xelacovendors we believe in making every cup a unique experience, one that reflects our commitment to quality, passion, and the artistry of coffee.”

Our Services

        • All our coffee machines come with a monthly visit or according to the consumption for service and support (always free of charge).
        • In the unlike case that the coffee machine is giving you a problem our guarantee is that the next day it will be replaced with another machine.
        • FREE delivery for your coffee order at no cost to you.
        • 24h service calls or any technical support.
        • Barista Training: Our Professional baristas are available every day upon appointment for training. We provide a 3-day full course for beginners and professionals in order to learn all about coffee. (Professional Barista, Late Art, Brewing & Sensory)