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Trismoka Teas

Teas (Box of 15 sachets)

Chamomile Tea

Infusion of chamomile flowers with delicate flavour and natural sweetness

English Breakfast Tea

The full-body and decisive taste of a traditional English black tea

Earl Grey Tea

The oil extracted from bergamot peel aromatizes a black tea with a delicate taste

Relaxing Herbal Tea

Relaxing herbal tea with linden, lemon balm, passion flower, lavender, mint, fennel and chamomile.

Digestive Herbal Tea

Digestive Herbal tea with liquorice, cinnamon, green tea, anise, hibiscus flowers and fennel.

Green Tea

The most famous Chinese green tea in the world, with a fresh and sharp taste.

Red Tea

From South Africa, a tea of rooibos red leaves, fresh and sweet for the palate.

Fruit Infusion Tea

Infusion with berries, made with currants, blueberries, red fruits and apple pieces.

Infusion Tea

Infusion of cinnamon, orange peel, rosehip, almonds and Corinth raisins.