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Trismoka Gourmet Beans


Trismoka are coffee roasters with a family tradition. where producing coffee is an art that has been passing on for over 40 years. A natural evolution for a family working, in the past as nowadays, to create great espressos and to promote coffee culture. Since 1981, in fact, everything has grown, but nothing has changed. Everyday the patron, Gino Uberti, his son Paolo and all of us are researching the best grains. Trismoka takes care of the roasting with great attention always with passion and devotion of all time.



Italia is a coffee blend for cafés, home and office with 50% Arabica and a medium caffeine level, from selected productions in Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Guatemala and India. Who is choosing Italia from the Trismoka blends loves coffee with a sharp and intense flavour, with a well-structured body and chocolate notes, particularly suitable after a meal.


Brasil is a coffee blend for cafés, home and office with 70% Arabica and a medium-low caffeine level, composed by Central American Arabica (like Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil) and natural and washed Robusta, from India and Congo. A lovely coffee, with a good creaminess and an intense body, fine and persistent. The hints of chocolate milk leave the place to an aftertaste enriched of notes of raisin, dried figs and caramel. Medium/Low Caffeine.


Degustazione is a coffee blend for cafés, home and office with 80% Arabica and a low caffeine level. It contains Arabica quality from Central American countries like Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil, as well as natural, washed Robusta quality. A soft creamy coffee, with accurate hints of cocoa and cereals. A little bitter, lightly acid and spiced. Completed by a fine and persistent after taste of toasted bread, caramel, malt and hazelnuts. Low Caffeine


A coffee blend for cafés, home and office with 100% Arabica composed exclusively by the highest quality Arabica in the world, from Central America, Africa and India. Countries like Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania and India, particularly give this coffee its character and are competently selected by Trismoka experts. From the best Arabica beans in the world, a coffee for connoisseurs, fitted with a rich and personal aroma. It combines a strong body and a fine acidity that remembers exotic fruits. The body releases tastes of cocoa and chocolate with the citrusy after taste. Very low Caffeine.


A blend for those who do not want to give the taste of real espresso, but have to give up caffeine. Crafted through a meticulous process that whispers to the beans, ``lose the caffeine, keep the charisma,`` decaffeinated coffee is your go-to sip when you crave the taste of coffee but want to keep things low-key on the energy front.