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Trismoka Single origin


A coffee collection for for cafés (and more) that depicts, through aromas and flavours, the uniqueness of its homeland. The five Single-Origin proposals are a chance to turn a quick break into a moment of pure pleasure. A journey lasting as the time of a cup of coffee, through the plantations that, better than others, are able to keep in their coffee beans, the heart of an “excellent crop”. To be tasted, savoured and commented with our best guide: the barista.



In Colombia, coffee is the base of economy, but also an essential element of its culture and folklore. It is the only area where a “Zona Cafetera” has been established: an entire geographic region where plantations are the only background in a journey up to a height of 2000 metres. The Colombia coffee for cafés, home and office, from the Trismoka Single-Origin collection, is a sharp coffee, with a full body and medium-high acidity that gives initially apricot jam flavours notes, arising to an elegant note of dark cocoa and chocolate.


The Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is the paradise for coffee farmers. The altitude, the mild temperature and the constant humidity are the ideal ingredients for the production of an excellent coffee, on plantations that are often small and handled on sustainability bases. The Costa Rica coffee for cafés, home and office, from the Trismoka Single-origin collection, is the ideal base for creating a first class coffee, characterized by a full body, with a fine acidity that generates sweet citrus notes. The extended aftertaste reminds dark cocoa and spices.


In Panama, coffee has a relevant social role: on the plantations, children are not employed for manpower, for whom a free school program is applied, mainly sponsored by manufacturers and thanks to the collaboration with their customers. With the Panama coffee for cafés, home and office, from the Trismoka Single-origin collection, an elegant, full-bodied espresso can be created, good balanced with hints of cocoa, typical of Central-American washed coffee; a malty taste with flowers hints of hibiscus and citrus.


In worldwide coffee production, Africa is gaining more and more a chief role. As a matter of fact, in countries such as Tanzania, coffee farming represents one of the first income sources, thanks to particularly advantageous conditions. On a mainly made of desert territory, the mountains stand out with their rich, tropical vegetation. With the Kilimanjaro coffee for cafés, home and office, from the Trismoka Single-origin collection, an intense espresso can be created, that shows an excellent body combined with a subtle acidity. The aftertaste reminds ripe fruit with apricot and red plum aromas.