Coffee beans and everything in between.
Experience our personalized service difference!


Why We Are Different

What Makes Our Rental Packages Different

  • All our rented coffee machines come with a weekly visit for service and support (always free of charge).
  • In the unlike case that the coffee machine is giving you a problem our guarantee is that the next day it will be replaced with another machine.
  • We don’t have any rental period terms or contract. We want to be at your service as your coffee provider forever because you choose us to be… Not because you are locked into a term contract.
  • And… obviously FREE delivery for your coffee order at no cost to you.

What Makes Our Coffee Beans & Our Philosophy Different

  • All beans are made only from the highest grade of beans finely roasted and grounded.
  • Careful selection of top quality of Arabicas and Robustas.
  • We use coffee beans which are completely whole and ripe.
  • It is the slow roasting process which makes our beans to develop the intense aroma.
  • All beans are made using the purest filtered water.

What else is Different About Us

  • We supply only the finest coffee beans capsules and coffee machines in the world.